Kyocera in Top 50 Most Innovative Companies | USA Today

With technological innovation in hyperdrive, businesses are working harder than ever to hold on to their valuable ideas. To do this, companies are constantly filing patents in the United States. The United States has the largest consumer market in the world and top-notch intellectual property protections. Because of this, companies from all over the world come…

FUJIFILM Aquires Xerox in a Move Forward

As of January 31st, FUJIFILM will have newly acquired Xerox. Xerox has had a long-standing joint venture with FUJIFILM by the name of FUJI Xerox. In this latest press release, Xerox has detailed that FUJI Xerox has shown them value in FUJIFILM gaining a majority share in Xerox. And with that, FUJIFILM will be purchasing a 50.1% share in Xerox for $6.1 billion. Together, they will be able to trim costs of $1.2 billion by just 2020. Below are some more highlights directly from their press release….