Looking for document management solutions
to optimize productivity in your law firm?

Have you found yourself seeking simplified document management and printing solutions for your legal firm?
Busy firms like yours should be open to and actively evaluating cost accounting and time waste reduction opportunities,
while managing and securing sensitive client and case information.

Let our experienced team explore solutions for your firm that are specifically designed for enhanced support.
ABP offers a variety of products, software and services that best fit your needs and address the issues that are unique to your clientele.

Enhance file storage and easily search case documents as you travel or from the courtroom

Rapid Document Retrieval, simplified updating, and filing electronically for easy future access and security compliance is a must.

Enhance overall productivity. 

Send faxes over the web, store your documents, and use e Signatures, then seamlessly print to PDF.  Functionality can easily be curated to your team’s specific needs.


Streamline document
workflow and realize
cost savings

From depositions to invoicing, the fact that not all Colorado courts have made the transition to electronic court filing means that your team is probably still printing a large number of documents as the conversion is slowly made to digital case files.

Internal and external printing needs can mean high costs to your firm.  Increase your billable hours by integrating automated work flows for your legal team and electric filing options. We can train your team to decrease process steps and automate your workflow process,
decreasing time per project and reducing internal costs.

Collaborate securely,
access documents easily and
maintain the trust of your clients

Create a better experience for your team & clients with effortless organization of case documents. Streamline logins with supported authentication solutions with key cards and mobile app technology.

On call workplace assistant technology, simplifies use for your team and designs a more organized experience.

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At Automated Business Products we offer the best in state-of-the-art multi-functional printers, copiers, collaboration tools, and communications devices.  We’ve been working with legal firms like yours in Colorado for over 15 years.

Document Management Solutions

Improve processes and workflow, from canning and filing case documents to mark-up, translation, circulating documents, and file searches.  ABP can help your law firm by:

  • Integrated Scanning to your existing legal system software
  • Instant access and research legal records
  • Simplify storage and organization and easily search case work, forms, pleadings, contracts and other documents
  • Include emails and records with client documents
  • Easily translate documents for bi-lingual case management

ABP is Your Single Source for Total Firm Solutions


Next Level Technology for Your Firm

Take your team to next level productivity with OneScreen Collaboration Touchscreen and videoconferencing technology.

  • Interactive Whiteboard Software

  • Browser-based Video Conferencing and Collaboration

  • Screen share, view and control

  • All-in-one Video Collaboration Hub
  • Inter-operable, plug-and-play smart screen


Solving your unique industry needs

PaperCut products help you recover printing costs, support document management, and keep matters confidential.

When you See more, you Save more

Printing costs can really add up if you aren’t keeping a close eye on everyone’s individual printing habits.

PaperCut gives you supreme visibility to make cost-cutting changes. See who’s printing what and how much to tighten things up at any level – be it client matter, individual, departmental, or whatever gives you the most actionable insights.

Recover costs accurately and easily

Your legal expertise isn’t the only thing that goes into client matters – there’s a lot of costly printing to recoup as well.

PaperCut simplifies cost recovery by integrating with leading third-party tools. Sync with popular practice management systems like LexisNexis Affinity and LeapCloud, and allocate all print, copy, scan, and fax costs to specific client codes.

Search and retrieve documents faster

Retrieving files quickly and reliably is crucial to staying efficient and giving your clients the best service.

PaperCut streamlines document management by integrating with popular practice management systems. Scan documents directly to relevant folders, and search and edit them with built-in OCR tech (optical character recognition).

Boost confidentiality and compliance

You need to meet strict compliance and confidentiality requirements across every business facet, every day.

PaperCut secures sensitive data to guarantee client confidence. Authorize release at the printer to reduce uncollected printouts, safeguard scans with end-to-end encryption, and protect ownership with watermarks and digital signatures.

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